Open Chelsea Double Hanging Closet 1.0

  • - Free Standing  Double Hanging Closet with Storage Compartment. Perfect for Bedroom and/or indoor closet setting.


  • - Upon Assembly, Measures: 27.55 in. Length, 90.55in. Height, 21.25 in. Depth.


  • - No Wardrobe Legs. Closed Base.


  • -  Includes 2 Aluminum Hanging Rods and 1 Storage Compartment.


  • - Zamac Shelf Support System.


  • - Doorless Wardrobe/ Closet Sectional for Open Storage or Built In Style Closet Usage.


  • - Ample Storage in a Stylish and Space- saving Design.


  • - Home Assembly Required. All Hardware Included.


  • - Pair it with our other Chelsea Wardrobes to fully maximize your space. Chelsea Wardrobes Include Variations of 17.8", 27.5", 35.5", 54", and 70" in Length with Options of Hanging Space, Full Extension Drawers and Adjustable Shelves.


  • - Pro Touch Ultra Resistant Finish through an Eco-Friendly Process which Allows you to Feel the Natural Wood Tones.
Open Chelsea Double Hanging Closet 1.0
height: 90.55 in width: 27.55 in depth: 21.25 in
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